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Winter Solstice December 21, 2017 10:44 UTC

2017 was a tough year for all of us with too many disasters – natural and man-made. With this holiday season and the peacefulness of winter come the hope of happier days to come. In this edition, I share some exciting news about a new adventure. Sometimes a door closes… but a window opens.

Live. Love. Laugh and dare to say 'yes.' ~ADV

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I am very excited to share that I have been picked up by Down & Out Books, publisher of mysteries and thrillers, for two releases in 2018. This is a milestone for me, the opportunity to publish in the genre I loved first. Writing as TG Wolff, my stories are about the mystery of things, the puzzles and the solutions.

I invite you to meet this new side of me with an excerpt from the first chapter of Exacting Justice, to be released March 19, 2018.


Changes Poem


by Anita DeVito and TG Wolff

What once was no longer is

In its place is something other

I was content in that space

But as I grew it smothered

Now my wings stretch far and wide

And across this world I see

A different space to work and play

For another side of me


Exacting Justice book cover


The De La Cruz Case Files #1

by TG Wolff

From Down & Out Books

March 19, 2018

Pre-Order Information and Link



by TG Wolff

An unknown killer is waging a war on drugs. The murders are horrendous but with a silver lining—now stop signs are the only objects lingering on corners in the city’s toughest neighborhoods. Half the city calls for the police to end the killer’s reign. The other half cheers the killer on, denouncing the tactics but celebrating the progress police haven’t been able to achieve.

The gritty details of Cleveland’s drug underworld are nothing new to Homicide Detective Jesus De La Cruz. Two years earlier, Cruz worked undercover narcotics and was poised for a promotion that would have placed him in a coveted position within the drug organization. The deal went bad. Now he has a new face, a new job, and a new case.

The killer moves through the streets with impunity, identity still unknown. Demands for progress from his superiors, accumulated grief of the victim’s relatives, growing pressure from the public, and elevated stress from his family quietly pull Cruz apart. With no out, the detective moves all in, putting his own head on the line to bait a killer.

I hope you enjoy this preview of Det. De La Cruz and Exacting Justice.

Monday, November 3

Dressed for the day, Cruz leaned against the kitchen counter he’d installed himself, sipping coffee and reading the daily meditation. Weak sunlight poked through the blinds, striping the page until it was unreadable. He set the book aside. A moment later, his phone rang.

His day started with a caravan of City-issued cars parked on the northbound shoulder of I-71. The knot of concrete ribbons was the nexus of I-71, I-480 and the spurs to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Going through at sixty-five miles an hour, he read the “Cleveland Corp Limits” sign hundreds of times but never noticed this triangle patch. The sign rose up behind the concrete barricade and between its legs was a post. The post wasn’t interesting. It was what was on it.

“Just a head?” Cruz shouted to be heard over the white noise of traffic above, below and next to him. He swung a leg over the barricade and carefully lowered his weight to the ground. The land dropped sharply down to I-480. This wasn’t a place made for walking.

“So far, Detective.” One of the patrolmen on the scene, a big man named Buettner, answered him. Three others fought the wind to secure a tent screening the crime scene from the morning commute. “Had nearly a half dozen accidents with people looking at this.”

“It would get my attention, even without coffee.” Because he was watching his footing, he began with the ground. The post was one of the thousands sold for a myriad of household uses. Heavy enough gauge to be able to take some weight, small enough to be portable. The ground wasn’t frozen but it would take a mallet to drive it in deep enough to support a head. Crime Scene would dust for prints. Overgrown scrub around the post was matted down but showed no prints of the person who had stood here and planted the nightmare.

His latest customer died hard. The head was battered, scraped as though it had been bounced off pavement a few times. Something was familiar... “Shit. Why wasn’t I told his ID?”

“We don’t have it yet, Detective. Can’t take prints.”

Cruz paced away. This wasn’t coincidence or serendipity or even cosmic justice. This was just messed up. “His name is Alvin Hall. Street name Uncle.”

Buettner’s brows rose. “You know him?”

His hand lifted to his scars. “Narcotics.”

“You sure it’s him?”

When a guy puts you in a hospital for three months, re-arranges your face, you tended to remember him. “I’m sure.” Just another customer, he told himself, dropping into a squat. He looked at the dried chunk of meat that was Uncle’s neck. The cut was smooth right through bone. “There’s little blood on the ground. He wasn’t killed or decapitated here.” He stood, surveyed the surroundings, then pointed to the triangle valley between the highways. “Search that. See if you can find the rest of him.”

A pair of patrol officers began the slow task of searching the uneven ground.

“What do we have on a timetable?”

“First call came in six-forty-five a.m. First District responded. By the time I arrived, nine-one-one took a half dozen calls. I went south an exit and came back. It wouldn’t have been visible in the dark. The bridge column shadowed it. I was on top of the thing before I saw it.”

“It was cold last night. Everything is frosted. Except Uncle.” Cruz made his way back to his car to make some notes while they waited for Crime Scene. The highway was backed up as far as he could see. A man dressed for business rolled past, silently shouting and waving his hands at the police.

“Your day could be worse, buddy.”


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